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Nov 4, 2013 6:45am EST
, they may be from san francisco, los angeles or detroit or philadelphia. you talk with them for a little while, you'll hear a story like this. millions, millions. after we moved i would go down to columbia often and spend my vacations there. i spent my summers there. i begins the book by saying i vividly remember going to see the movie the nutty professor. now, the nutty professor that i saw was the nutty professor starring jerry lewis. not the one starring -- what's the comedians named? 80 murphy, yeah, eddy merckx. that's the young version of the native professor. the one i saw, jerry lewis. and i remember, i remember going with my cousin. we went to the theater. we went through the side door of the theater, namely the colored peoples entrance it and we sat up in the balcony where the black people sat. now, i viewed all this from the point of you of a nine year old, and it just goes to show you how funny things are because from the point of view from a nine year old i thought this was great. [laughter] because with a strategic position sitting up in the balcony, we would throw stuff ov
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1